Meet Madigan


My first knitted dog from the Knit Your Own Dog book.  My review of the dog: cute with a bit of a ragamuffin personality! My review of the pattern: it was easy to follow, although I think it had one easy-to-remedy error.  There are a lot of little pieces and the directions for assembling it all together were vague.  I managed to fit it together as I thought it should be, but wasn’t really sure that was the right way at all. It is called a Red Setter in the book.  Mine doesn’t look like the one in the book, but I used different yarn, and try as I may, I can’t get the hang of faces.  I’ve got to redo this fellow’s.  His nose is coming undone.  I like him.  He’s cute. Now everyone wants a dog from me.  I will make some changes to the patterns to fit my knitting style better (less pieces) and to make it sturdier (incorporate pipe cleaners from legs into the body).